Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Preface. Prelude. Disclaimer. Rant

Do you consider yourself intelligent? Not in the IQ sense of the word. That's for the excellent folks at Mensa to drool over. I mean more in the "I can think clearly, and I have a sense of humor" kind of way.
No? Click Here

Do you have a good education? Not as in a stamp from a top ranking school (although that would do nicely) but as in a combination of relevant real life experience and a good grasp of whatever domain it is you work in. No? Click Here

Do you have a healthy work ethic? As in the tenacity to go after your goals and get them delivered in the face of hurdles? No? Click Here

Made it this far, huh? Then if you work in Quality Auditing, Consulting, Investment Banking (or otherwise have integrity problems) Click Here

All right now. That's should be more than 80% of humanity gone right there. A good starting point for my reader base. Let's begin whittling it down a little.

This is a book of notes to help people get up the ladder in corporations. If you've made it this far, you're an intelligent, sincere, hardworking guy with some integrity thrown in. It probably means you're consistently performing at higher levels than your peers. You've probably already made it into the lower ranks of management and you're wondering what else it will take for you to grow up the ranks of managers up into the rarefied heights of the management cadre of your organization, where the air is thin and the money is thick.

If you don't have the above credentials, and you're still here, then you're a weasel who gets by on the work of other men. Stop reading. You don't need this book. This book is for rodents of a completely different persuasion.

OK what are we down to? about 5 percent of humanity?
Now for some further weeding.

Looking for someone to massage your ego? Leave.

Profanity bother you? Get the fuck out.

Are you a smartass who was thinking about writing out a comment about how weasels are not rodents when you read that sentence? You're allowed to stay, but only just

Are you a good boy/girl turned cynic who wants to get better at playing the game so you get that last little push on forward? This is the book for you my friend.

This book is my attempt at writing down what I see as simple rules that all successful people I know - and I know quite a few - seem to follow. Don't get all testy with me if you don't like what I say. I will say things as they are in the real world. Not as they should be in your delusions where the world is focused on how it can mold itself to a shape that best comforts your fragile ego.
Each of my notes (chapters, if this was a real book) will be about a specific point. irreverent, and sometimes rambling.
My language will be curt, profane and will not be able to conceal my desperate attempts to be funny.

Still here?
Well read on as the posts come.
And hope you have fun climbing the ladder.

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